Orbs, Saving The Whale Dreaming – New Calm 15% Strength CBD Oil Product…

Simon and Kim HuGold update, April 2022. Stunning orb pictures and video from Hugold Wellness Yurt Ireland. New product …


  1. April 2022. The government has approved a dangerous oil and gas development in the heart of WHALE OCEAN JUST OFF THE COAST OF KALBARRI/Geraldton, Western Australia. Right in the middle of the Humpbacks Migration Route. Please Lord ❤️ help us protect our Whales Dolphins and Marine Life and ALL Oceans WORLD WIDE…Thank you Lord 🙏 Amen
    My daughter and I saw them, the Orbs, for real, 3 years ago on the Great Northern Hyway, half way between Geraldton and Perth. We were afraid and not afraid, then we watched them dance in the sky for about ten minutes and felt nothing but peace.
    I thank God for this experience.
    And I thank God for you Simon and your Global Family 🌏🐬🐬
    In Jesus Name I pray, Amen
    Love and prayers of solidarity from Western Australia 🐬❤️🙏

  2. We have a blue orb that follows us every once in awhile a portal wants to open orbs are cool the more you tune in with joy they will comes so will fairies & butterflies you have to believe & tune in not be afraid enjoy the orbs & they will be with you dancing with orbs are a very awesome experience yes must be awake with goodness in your heart
    It’s so important & good to get out in nature good talk & hugs the trees believe in your heart don’t stop the earth is opening to the waken ones & all the life force who respect & love in peace & harmony with the earth & loving people around the world…🙏😊😇

  3. My son was taking pictures of a house he wanted to rent one time. The pictures came out with 3 round orbs…next door to where my grandparents used to live. I think it was them & my favorite aunt.

  4. Thank you Simon straight talk is a perfect pill the war is raging and there is no full control on either side and I question many things such as chem trails etc especially as the white hats dealt with the top people first so why is this being strung out if it’s just the minions so thank refreshing and honest x

  5. I've rarely seen more orbs on pictures than at underground punk shows
    Barely able to see things that aren't orbs often
    Orbs enjoying chaos, and tunes against the system

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