Popular Sleeping Aids that DO NOT WORK

Find out how to sleep better naturally instead of using these popular sleeping aids that do not work. Check out Dr. Berg’s Sleep …


  1. Don't know what category this is but my problem is my brain and probably many others wants to keep constantly wondering off of different thoughts and fantasies and won't shut down to sleep mode.

  2. Sleep apnea can often occur due to not being able to breathe through your nose properly. Go to a functional dentist also to get your mouth checked for grinding clenching etc etc.

  3. I have been an insomniac ALL MY LIFE . From childhood. Always.
    I would fall asleep in the early morning hours…3 ish. LONG LONG before phones and computers.
    No one knows why.
    So some of us don't fit any of the explanations

    Thank God for Ambien

  4. I read several years ago that there is a much greater risk of getting dementia, Alzheimers disease, etc if you take sleep meds or anticholinergic drugs like certain antihistamines.

  5. Melatonin 10 mg is good for sleep. Please let me know. I can’t sleep at night because of stress incontinence and stress in my life. How to best get proper sleep. I have not properly slept since many years because of stress incontinence. I wake up 5 to 9 times every night.

  6. Hey, can Dr. Berg do a video on sourdough bread? I’ve heard it’s a much healthier option than other types of bread and I actually prefer it over all others. I’d love to know Dr. Berg’s take

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