Recreational marijuana is legal in Illinois, but what about driving while high?

Recreational marijuana may now be legal in Illinois, but that also means police departments across the Bi-State will be cracking …


  1. So if you feel different then you drive different? So If you feel BETTER then you drive better?. Suhh officer, watchu have to say about this double standard? Ya jerk

  2. Them currupted cops. There a lot of murder out there. But wasting time to bust marijuana smoking and driving. Them stupid ass cops. Poeple that smoke weed drive perfect on the road. Is not like drink and drive.

  3. and with news like this you wonder why no one pays any attention to you either…what's your purpose… to make me cower in my house???

  4. everything is a nail to a hammer…..hey this is just information if that even matters…. A 2002 review of seven separate studies involving 7,934 drivers reported, “Crash culpability studies have failed to demonstrate that drivers with cannabinoids in the blood are significantly more likely than drug-free drivers to be culpable in road crashes.” This result is likely because subject under the influence of marijuana are aware of their impairment and compensate for it accordingly, such as by slowing down and by focusing their attention when they know a response will be required. This reaction is just the opposite of that exhibited by drivers under the influence of alcohol, who tend to drive in a more risky manner proportional to their intoxication. the reference is here:
    older people do not drive as well as perhaps their younger self…so by this reasoning all older drivers should be hauled in and have every right and freedom they have ever had violated too…If you are impaired your driving will suck…if the cop is honest he doesn't need to bleed you to know….if the goal is not safety of the driving enviroment then what is the goal? revenue gathering…job security…has someone not educated these so called law enforcement agents as to who they work for?….is it bad education…protect US…we are not your slaves…go stop a drunk…there's still plenty of them….
    and you know that would mean an open container of pot would also be null and void…a non crime…someone needs to hire more qualified people to do this mans job…
    …police state…yeah no shit.

  5. In regards to the commentary at the end,: y'all… You are forgetting… ummm… So usually just your average Stoner or pothead is going to buy pot. And my experience with run-of-the-mill stoners and pie edges they are very laid-back pretty chill people. I feel like that commentary cast them in an inaccurate light. don't smoke pot and I got exhausted thinking about having to take it out of airtight containers and put it in regular bags and act like it's medically legit and whatnot. Fr in a sober state of mind that seems like a lot of effort… for???
    like that was exhausting just to even watch 🤣😉🤣🤣 What stoner is going to put that much effort into making it look legit just to get it over to the state line???😂😂😂
    Seems like legal recreational marijuana came at the perfect time because its like reefer madness on all the news channels today🤣🤣🤣
    Everyone just needs to chill….

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