Senate Dems unveil their plan to legalize pot at the federal level

NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports on the Senate’s efforts to legalize marijuana at the federal level. For access to live and exclusive …


  1. If it’s legalized federally just like alcohol and etc will it still have any effects on employment??? I’m hoping employers can’t do anything about it but I’m not clear on everything

  2. What annoys me is the celebs that make money off the stoner community, but because they are rich, and dont have an actual job, they dont speak out for us. They just take their bag after they make a song about smoking, and blow down in their mansions while the rest of us struggle with the stress of life.

  3. Give to god what belongs to god and give to Cesar what belongs to Cesar. In the holy bible genesis 1 says god created all plants and all plants are for man to use. Stop destroying peoples lives with your laws and doctrines of extortion.

  4. "For the people". We've wanted it legalized for years and they haven't done it.

    I am terminal, and just finally got my medical MJ card. It works 100% for my pain. Nice, right? Too bad I'm too poor to get it like I need it. 🤬🤬🤬🤬 so, I can only get pain relief if I sacrifice basic needs. Great.

  5. With mass communication tech. Why can’t the people vote on this issue? Or all issues? Politicians are outdated and useless. With technology, bring the power back to the people.

  6. The politicians are bought and paid for and that's why Marijuana is still schedule 1 drug while Chinese fentanyl is flooding over our open southern border as our politicians use every trick in the book to keep it flooding in to our neighborhoods. You're a "racist" if you don't like deadly drugs flowing into the country. Its a joke. Nothing the federal government does is about public safety, it's a matter of what's in it for them.

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