Should You Take CBD Oil to Quit Smoking?

Need help quitting? Join us on Discord! We’re a community of like-minded individuals working together to accomplish our goal of …


  1. Need help quitting? Join us on Discord! We're a new community of like-minded individuals working to accomplish our goal of sobriety and self-improvement. Let's improve together along with an entire community of individuals who support and motivate each other! You can learn more here:

  2. My source of weed is literally in the parking lot where I work. I work phsycial labor. Everybody says weed is good for muscle pain. I've been high on delta 8 carts since like the pandemic started. I bought one last d9 cart and gonna quit on 4/21. Anyone got any recs for relatively cheap?

  3. Day 5….
    The cravings are sooo bad. I have a few grams in my room but a friend is coming tonight to take it away. I'm heading out right now to get some cbd oil and walk a bit.

    Thank you for making this video. I've been smoking all day everyday for 6 or 7 years and man, hearing other people's stories gives me the hope and strength that God knows I need.

    Excuse my english, I'm not a native speaker and writing is way harder than speaking for me.

  4. 25 years chronic stoned-attempted to quit once. My brains been chemically hijacked for way to long. I have been using CBT. Cognitive behavioral therapy- specifically Visualization. It now appears I’m trapped in a body that doesn’t fit my self image. FEAR- of all things associated with stopping has bound my life to this deceptive trap. I came to a place in my mind that I just have to be the sober person I long for, & for way too long. Been in the fog from age 19-44. With all of my research and studies on the subject I’ve seen and been inspired to spring from this trap. Your videos prove to me all to well you’ve been there took the leap and are making a new for yourself. I don’t know you obviously, but I’m proud that you have achieved your success. I know, as well, as you know you are free for life. When I get there, I will never look back.. I want you to know you have inspired me to take the leap for the better me. I’ve watched all of your videos and you are spot on. I appreciate you putting yourself out there with your story, trials and achievements.
    Oh, and great pointers on the regiment to stopping. I personally can not move, but have moved my way of thinking through this stormy cloud. ✌️bro and keep up the good spirits. You look amazing and much healthier as a result. Thanks again for sharing… JB

  5. Full spectrum cbd is the best thing to take when quiting weed, but you dont need it. But its a very big saviour, and there are very possible health benefits, in taking it once in a time or maybe even daily

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