State lawmakers look again at push to legalize recreational marijuana

The push to legalize recreational marijuana has returned to the Minnesota Capitol. And although supporters believe they have an …


  1. Third dimension politics just doesn't fly in Minnesota anymore soon we'll do everything on the internet within minutes seconds and at no cost we have experts lined up from all around the world that can testify in any substation under any opinion where else I have access to judges all over America and throughout the world . Decisions will come easy what we have our elections on the internet we damn straight we could do it right now instantly with social security numbers that would ensure that there could only be one vote on that number how simple that would be. The real problem is there is a lot of money generated by the election process which is all b***** everybody profits during elections they sell a lot of stuff viewers participation goes up and all the networks and we all play the game of capitalism because every four years we got to earn some more money for political candidates. So silly to me in a democracy where the world is actually watching we can do much better we also know how the police ourselves police our neighborhoods after all we are protecting what is ours our families our loved ones our property. we can see to it that the repossessors do not come to our town because we will have a collective effort of villagers who will see to it that everybody has a home only a home but a great home and everybody has their needs met after all that is why you're here and do unto others.

  2. Don't even really care about this anymore because Minnesota can just drive to Illinois and Michigan to get weed and weed products. Give Illinois or Michigan all the Minnesota marijuana tax dollars- Republicans in Minnesota are so dumb. And recreational alcohol is the #1 killer drug in America I can't believe this is even a debate…it's a no-brainer. Just think of all those cheese heads coming to the state to buy cannabis…tax$$$$$$$.

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