The 420 Special Episode | Cannabis Legalization News

The 420 Special Episode | Cannabis Legalization News Coming to you live on 4/20, check out the latest news in cannabis …


  1. Israel being top consumer per capita makes total logical sense. They have had Dr. Raf. Meschulem studying and publishing facts since 1963 or 64… many in the rest of the world still don't know him. God bless Dr M!

  2. do u know if its legal to grow in a condo u own with no mortgage just like 4 in a 2x2x4 100won 12/12 from seed and only like 1foot tallso they r small and grow like an auto flower so u dont have to change light cycle in 1 tent perpetual frow

  3. Legalize the damn plant already. Schumer is such a drama queen. Reschedule it tomorrow and work on the logistics of legalization later

  4. Happy 420 you two!!! That's great to hear about N.J. but with Cannabis being federally illegal and not being able to purchase or own a weapon, how is the New Jersey Police department able to get by the federal law not allowing the ownership or use of a weapon if using cannabis. One of the federal question on the background check when purchasing any weapon.

  5. My wife’s birthday today! I told her I always knew she was special, even before all this lovely cannabis was celebrated on this sacred day 🙂

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