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Joe Biden’s border crisis is more than just illegal immigration. It’s responsible for an increase in opioid overdoses, as well.


  1. I was prescribed percocet for at least 4 years for migraines used it quite often never got addicted.
    I think opoids are a great option for pain relief.

  2. Hooray for you! I totally agree with you on the so-called opiods crisis. I am a 72-year-old grandmother who's had sciatica, two hips replaced, back surgery to fused part of my back, broken left femur, And after six months had to have it rebroken and the whole thing done again. I cannot tell you how frustrating it was to try to get pain medication after these surgeries. They won't give it. It's cruel; that's what the medication was made for. A few years ago I almost died of a bleeding ulcer from taking too much ibuprofen because my doctor would not prescribe pain medication for me because he was afraid of the government. When I was younger and had surgery it was easier to get prescription pain medication From your physician, I took the prescription as long as I needed it and just quit Taking it. These people who say they got hooked because they broke their leg, etc, (often movie stars), are just bullshitting everybody. Thank you for bringing the whole subject up. BTW, can you imagine how humiliating it is to be in your late 60s and to ask your doctor legitimately for pain medication for your aching back and have her tell you that you have "drug seeking behavior". She could only prescribe it once, if I signed a contract and came in every week for a drug test. I pray to the good Lord that I won't need pain medication later as I age. Thanks for the good work.

  3. Marijuana is the best alternative to opioids for chronic pain management in most cases. I am opioid free today thanks to the green. More veterans need to research this option and free themselves from a spiraling demise.

  4. I have 5836 days sober. I got addicted to OxyContin from legitimate use. I was told it was safer, less addictive. I became dependent overnight. I went from 5-10mg hydrocodone a day for 3 months to 80mg OxyContin. It was 40mg 2x’s a day. That’s like 160 Vicodin a day. It took me 5 years to finally get off.
    I think NO HUMAN should be on opiates daily. They have their use, we can have them prescribed for when we need them, but if you have daily pain there is other affective treatments the best being diet adjustment and exercise. (Sounds like BS, but it’s not)
    Magnesium in high doses is a incredible muscle relaxer, and trigger point injections, yoga, meditation, low dose physidelics and cannabis is all better than opiates daily.
    The fentanyl problem is a problem. 100k people died in 2021 and in my groups and mtgs about 15 died, 50 OD’d last year unintentionally.
    The open borders have shown a 95% increase in OD in minors not on opiates. It’s getting into cannabis. The fake pills.
    There is MAT that is incredibly effective and life can be good.
    God bless to anyone struggling with that DEMON.

  5. 90% of friends are dead from fentanyl overdoses including my girlfriend. I’m permanently crippled from an overdose back in 2015. I live in NH which is considered by many the best state in the country.
    NH has the highest opioid related deaths per capita.
    It’s an actual crisis going on with real death rates, not these conflated deaths involving other demographics and groups of people.
    There is too much money to be made for there to ever be a “drug free” community, but I think we have to change the way we view people with substance abuse issues.
    Keep it up guys ,
    Long time fan

  6. No one likes their parents or grandparents getting addicted to opioids and lossing their personalities but yes the rampant overdose deaths are young people without chronic conditions or injuries

  7. I was perscibed oxycodone from the dentist and was SO sick I couldn't drive to the hospital and came REALLY close to calling an ambulance but agonized through it and found out the hard way I am alergic to it but am fine w/hydrocodone!?

  8. I’ve been in chronic pain for over 35 years and the argument I’ve had with my Doctor many times, not so much anymore, is if I have meds to take my pain away so I can walk and live my life I’m going to take them, if I run out get me more. That’s what it’s for. Now that I’m in my 60s I put up with more and do a little less, so I don’t have those problems anymore however if anybody seen me in the morning for 4hrs after getting up,that time would be anywhere between 1:30a to 4:00a they would say I’m crazy,but as you get older you just learn to adapt rather then argue all the time.

  9. Scripts go down, OD's go up… pain pill addicts losing their scripts and turning to street drugs to feed their addiction. Yet another reason to end the drug war

  10. It was too easy for the media to push the opioid crisis as something that came solely from within the country and that bad ol' "Big Pharma reee." Every lazy and uninformed person loves to latch onto that one and blame the companies involved in pharmaceutical distribution rather than the obvious major culprit: the thousands of lbs of pills happily allowed by the current administration to come across the border.

  11. I've been on some form of pain medication for 22 years and I am addicted to them, time I just have to take them because of the addiction and not the pain, it is the down set of having to take this type of medication. And the OxyContin is where it started for me! However, what the doctor started me out with is like night and day to what I take now!!

  12. My cousin actually did become addicted to opiates because she was prescribed opiates after her scoliosis surgery at 15. She’s now addicted to heroin because of course she couldn’t continue getting the opiates through a doctor. I think the problem with prescribing opiates comes when we don’t offer programs for people that do get addicted through prescription. It should be common practice to offer gradually decreasing doses whenever it’s time for the patient to come off the painkillers. And if that doesn’t work, they should immediately have access to programs to help them instead of just taking away the painkillers and turning them away.
    People with chronic pain should be able to get their pain relieved, and people that become addicted to painkillers should be offered safe ways to handle their addiction.

  13. I've been in and out of mental hospitals the past few years unfortunately, but in that time I have met MANY drug addicts many of which are heroine or other opioid drugs

    One woman was brought into the hospital and within the hour fell into a worsened overdose and coded, so the nurses jumped from out behind the station and started CPR and the girl was brought out by EMTs and to the nearest hospital, then the next day she was brought back for treatment. The moment she got back, she signed the AMA form and was released the following day, she was so addicted to heroine that she didn't want help. What ended up happening was she took her normal dose of heroine, but it was strictly fentanyl and so she died and was revived, but now she is probably dead out there somewhere at this point

  14. My mom has had cancer 3 times, has severe osteoporosis, and Crohn’s disease. She has to deal with the pain from this every day. Without her pain meds, I don’t think she would want to keep going. I love her with all my soul. Sometimes she has to fight to get her meds, and that just isn’t right to me.

  15. As a former chronic pain patient, Let me clarify that…I'm still in chronic pain, just not a patient anywhere…I have no problem with prescribed medications. I stopped chronic treatment over 2 years ago (after 12-ish years) by just not going any more. It was a personal choice, without withdrawal mitigation. It's needed but too difficult to get back into that program so ill just drink an extra whisky until my liver screams Uncle.

  16. No doctor will prescribe me pain meds for back pain. I just have to deal with it. I tried pot, but it puts me to sleep so I stopped. The people who actually need it can't get it because doctors are too afraid to prescribe it. Government ruins everything.

  17. I’ve lost a lot of friends to opioids. It’s on the person taking it. That’s like blaming the liquor store owner for alcoholism. The opioid epidemic is horrible but people need to take more responsibility for their own actions instead of blaming others.

  18. My Son has been effected and almost died several times. He is now in a methadone program, but thats expensive, over $300 a month and he's on medicare due to cancer

  19. I’d be a lot more for the war on drugs if we secured our borders. And actually fight the drug war. I know a couple people that developed drug habits due to chronic pain but I know a lot more that started with illegal drugs. My best friends ex wife use to hurt herself on purpose so she could get pills, and they gave her a prescription every time, She ran up over a million dollars in medical bills. I accidentally exploded the tip of my finger with a 4# sledgehammer on a steel table and they wouldn’t even give me Tylenol

  20. I had a friend that overdosed on heroin and died he was 19. I had a friend In Oregon that struggled with heroin and pain pills he was going to call me the next day and never did and that’s completely not like him and I would have called his brother to see what was happening but his brother got back into heroin, got back in with the wrong people and got beat so hard he had the mental capacity of a 3 month old. And the list goes on especially if you include meth I could name a dozen more family and close friends. Stay off the white drugs 👍🏻

  21. My grandpa has degenerative disks in his back basically meaning his spinal disks are rotting away inside him. He's been on pain killers for years now eventually getting a morphine pump put in. It took 15 years of arguing to get the pump put in after it was suggested too him.

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