The argument against legalizing marijuana

Drug policy expert Kevin Sabet discusses legalization versus decriminalization of marijuana. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for daily …


  1. It’s funny that the people who talk
    against legalization are the ones who have never tried marijuana(most of the time). I’d value their arguments if they said “ I’ve smoked marijuana..” in the beginning of the statement. Realistically, if they have tried it they would use that in an argument. Giving them a solid foundation for an opinion on marijuana.

  2. I am totally against the idea if legalizing marijuana. It should continue to be a crime and those caught should not do time but should be burden with a high fine.

    Our upper middle class neighborhoods are now being infested with young males selling marijuana in their home and their customers coming in their loud cars and even though they get caught they are being reased on the next day. No jail time etc. This is a disappointing situation which has many NJ residents considering moving out of NJ

  3. Couldn't we have guests without an agenda discuss marijuana?

    People with out skin in the game. Researchers who study data instead of people who are actively against it?

  4. P.S. You fat fuck. I know many people who are lawyers, accountants, even engineers who are responsible adults and enjoy marijuana. They all are able to “get up from bed” in the morning. Idiot.

  5. “More car crashes”- the only “Go to arguement left for these retards. BAN Alcohol if you want less car crashes. Fuck outta here. Decriminalize asap and let incarcerated people for simple possession OUT. Also, lets give cops something real to do.

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