The AWD 4 Rotor RX-7 test drive is faster than it’s ever been. We are back!

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  1. Look into an electric Volvo power steering pump. You can mount the entire unit wherever you want. Simple 12v power. Run the lines to your rack and you're done

  2. Lol is this thing still on development? I subscribed like 10 years ago and stopped paying attention as it never seemed to ever be completed and still looks likes a nope

  3. Dang your video makes it’s way into the algorithm and YouTube is like let me attach 8 of the same ads to this video! Great video but YouTube is scuffed

  4. Oh how I love a video on car that shows all the crap no one cares about and doesn’t show it going down the road. Same as when people have a clip of new exhaust and stock. Just dumb.

  5. Rob I remember being a dumb 16 year old messaging you on Reddit for financial advice or something along those lines. 24 now and still love checking in on this channel. It’s always inspiring to see your passion with these builds.

  6. Everything about your channel and your project is totally mental! Perfection is just one thing we don't see mutch for the effort it requires! You are going very far my friend believe it! Just hoppe everyone keeps giving the encouragement you need! Big hug 💪

  7. I've always wondered on these open turbo cars….how the hell do you keep from sucking in a bird, or a low-flying plane into that thing? I want Cletus to see this thing.

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