1. I became a bitch for two weeks couldn't understand why I was so miserable. Then I realized I ran out of ashwagandha for two weeks. For me getting on it again only took a day to recover. My cousin has lung cancer stress was major. After one day she seems so much better.

  2. I have NO fear of the 'virus', what I fear is what the tin pot dictator in Canada is doing to this country. I am terrified of what is happening here and am unable to leave. Have been doing as much as possible to reduce stress and am hopeful to try this supplement. Thanks for info.

  3. My Doctor kept refilling my anti depresent prescription never questioning me how I was doing, I felt I no longer needed it so I slowly took myself off of it and have been using Ashwagandha ever since and feel great, I am drug free!!

  4. I had flatulence problems for years. i could not pass stools without large amout of gas.
    it all went away with ashwagandha…normally they mix it with milk which did not work for me…pure one without any milk worked for me…i take 500mg in afternoon…u can take on alternate days if it makes you too lazy

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