The Best 48 Hours in Melbourne! Exploring the CBD & Beyond | Travel Guide Melbourne City Vlog

In this vlog we discover the best that Melbourne has to offer and we have to say, we absolutely loved it! What a cool city. Over 48 …


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  2. In all honesty it is the Most Boring city going around,for single people might be alright not for families,it’s a Small city and nothing special about it,every city in the world has buildings and that,they havnt even got a proper underground Subway/Metro network very behind prob 20 years behind.

  3. As a local, love seeing people enjoy Melbourne. Thanks for showcasing what we have. Of you guys are ever back in Melb for round 2, happy to drop some recos 🙂

  4. Great trip you both have had, I have enjoyed your travels from the G. C. And now back again. look forward to following you in U K. Travel safe and all the very best. Cheers Judy Qld.

  5. Cheers from 4k walk channel from Europe. 👍❤🙋‍♂️. Now i have Aussie vlog connection . All the Best for you 👋.

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