1. I'm from Austin Texas and I've been smoking about 45 years I don't get around like I used to and I have one hell of a time finding any good bud would you have any answers to my problem thank you

  2. 👍👍👍👍👍 Always success and full of blessings for your business..🙏

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  3. This is complete bullshit that you can't compete against these big companies. There are enough people who prefer to leave their money with small companies and people than with the big ones.

  4. Canopy Growth lost 1.6 Billion dollars in the second half of 2020…I offered several times to teach them what they need to know for 10 million CAD, over two years ago, but they would rather go broke.

  5. Yeah just what we need, Large companies dominating the Cannabis industry the moment it begins…Where were these muthafuckers for the last 25 years??? This is the McDonald's of Cannabis and I can see it going bad…Have fun when they choose the pricing

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