This Is Your Body On Cannabis

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to present a scientific explanation on the differing receptors and the results/effects of these receptors.

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  3. Nice video. I would be interested to see another video on this subject that focuses more on the anatomical changes observed in chronic cannabinoid users. Has any hepatomegaly been noted? What about cardiac remodeling? And of course, what are the effects on the lungs?

    Thanks for producing such high quality content. 🖖

  4. I’ve leaned towards the CBD now versus the canibis because of the effects it has on my brain. The drug will not let me function as a fully grown adult versus when I was younger the effects were much more controllable

  5. I’ve been smoking medical marijuana for 5 yrs since being diagnosed with alcohol cirrhosis an gallstones an I’m anemic an let me tell you that smoking has saved my life an I’ve done every drug known ( I’ve lived a long life an only 46) but alive an healthy today thanks to marijuana an CBD… (an strict diets of course ) I absolutely LOVE This channel I always learn so much!!! Thank y’all for that!!! Everyone stay strong 💪🏼 we got this !! 🙏🏼❤️

  6. I feel like Method Man and Red Man in that movie How High. Thanks for the knowledge. Waiting for Texas to legalize. It ain’t my fault my CB1 receptors do their job.

  7. Thanks for your military service, and your ongoing service to humanity with EXCELLENT educational videos!

    It's so refreshing to see another former military and medical professional so excited about what's going on with cannabis, and what research we hope to do in the future. I am grateful to live in Colorado and am the one that ensured that what we grow, we get to keep instead of it being stolen by lying, would-be-killing sheriffs.

    My medical results were so "boring" with all the stories and benefits that I shared during my November 2017 trial, that some of the jury started dozing off! We in Colorado are used to the many health benefits of cannabis, and look forward to the rest of the world learning abut them, too!

    We don't need no stinkin' studies, since we are just a bunch of FREEDOM-LOVIN' REBELS! We ENSURED OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, thankfully, and are protected under A-64. My case just needed to "lay down the law" for the evil, lying law enforcers that are "above the law".

    We also need to stop the resource/drug wars world-wide first, though, before continuing on. It's not fair for the US to benefit from this Creator-given "medical miracle"( in my case), while we rape, pillage, and kill citizens of other countries to maintain the big oil/ pharma/chemical-poison-for-profit-paradigm.

  8. Is there a difference in what receptors the exocannabinoids bind to depending on how they are consumed (edibles vs smoking, etc). I have inflammatory arthritis and cbd was super helpful in reducing the inflammation but it’s hard to find high cbd strains without super high thc levels that increase my heart rate. Not to mention it’s all still federally illegal and it sucks having to worry about losing your job over something so stupid.

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