THROWBACK: Joe Rogan PUMMELS Steven Crowder On Marijuana

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  1. Marijuana sales are already in decline in Illinois the tax money they make claims is not amounting and legalizing marijuana is not going to have much of an effect as those scumbags who use it are going to continue to buy it illegally and legal Ventures are not going to be able to compete against the weed man

  2. Well Crowder just proved to everyone why he is much better in a debate with some random person and no fact checking because he has shown that he will just make up facts to support his position and there isn’t anyone to call him out. If your a person who is arguing in good faith and is trying to debate based on facts and truth and someone just makes up stuff to support their argument and then passes them off as truth then it makes it really hard to push back against without data and fact checking. To combat that you would have to know every piece of data about every subject off the top of your head or just start making up things to support your argument and pushing it as fact.

  3. Interesting how Crowder seems to believe that someone can honestly win an argument using only debate tactics, regardless of whether or not the facts are on their side

  4. everyone get's paranoid when they first smoke, it's an uneasy feeling. Once you overcome the normal anxiety that comes from trying something new(in this case that which has been demonized by the media) you begin to coast and it's a relaxed time. People saying it gives them anxiety, no your just anxious and the weed has made you very aware of that.

  5. Kyle. The Psychiatric Drug Industry is the scariest of all. It's scarier than Escobar. It's the scariest most powerful brain altering game yet. People's lives are demeaned, humiliated, and ruined in totality by most prescribing psychiatrists. To withdraw from what they tell you is for sleep gives you permanent brain damage. The whole anti-psychotic drug prescribing game is evil. They disguise these drugs as soft butterflies….It's rampant and the same type of weak people attracted to positions of power because of their own hidden psychosis become psychiatrists and it's a really bad conspiratorial world. Any person's word against a psychiatrist has already lost the argument. Man dude you need to be up on this scaredy.

  6. Just think of all his little punk ass “change my mind” BS segments, and all the snaky techniques Chowder uses to “win” arguments

  7. Honestly I know, old clip. Someone, who like to, themselves as an Alpha, seems to come across more like little bitch. Then wants to run.

    I know it's can be hard to, admit your wrong. When you can. I think you as person can start to grow.

  8. The study I read years ago said that weed definitely impairs driving ability somewhat, but they could not find a dose of THC high enough to cause as much impairment as the blood alcohol level that is the cutoff for a DUI in most states.

    There are tests to determine if marijuana is in one's system, but it cannot tell whether the person is currently high or was really high several days earlier yet no longer impaired at all.

  9. Rs…calling a person you're interviewing all those DA names throughout the interview (Joe doesn't do this all the time nor did he in Kyle's interview) is uncalled for. I've listened to other comedians' podcasts, so let's not use Rogan being a comedian as an excuse.

  10. Funny enough the reasons you cite that driving and weed is bad for you, is exactly why some might make you a safer driver:

    "Alcohol impaired performance relative to placebo but subjects did not perceive it. THC did not impair driving performance yet the subjects thought it had. These studies show that THC in single inhaled doses up to 300 g/kg has significant, yet not dramatic, dose-related impairing effects on driving performance. "
    -U.S. Department of Transportation,
    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
    (DOT HS 808 078), Final Report, November 1993:

    It is.mentioned in the study that the paranoia makes you check mirrors more often and drive slower.

  11. Steven crowder: the edgy cool alpha male who thinks abstinence only is key, thinks weed is the devil, who dresses like a girl, and who voiced the brain on the TV show Arthur.
    Sounds like he's projecting

  12. It's funny though, because Joe Rogan is basically Steven Crowder when it comes to the covid vaccines. He uses all the same type of arguments Crowder would use against pot, when it comes to the covid vaccine. 99.99% of doctors say take the vaccine, but I found 1 doctor who told me to take ivervectin when I offered him a fat stack of cash, so forget all those other doctors, they're quacks.

  13. Yeah JR should have Steven Chowder back on. I always felt that JRE episode was a little cringy to watch and I genuinely felt sorry for Chowder

  14. classic crowder being unable to argue on the merits of his arguments, he just devolves into being a pussy about getting ganged up on, if he cant deliver his talking points without any debate than he calls it a conspiracy and just keeps spewing annnnything while Joe talks so that the audience cannot decipher just how much crowder is getting owned

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