Tranquilo CBD Infused cigar review

Today I’m smoking the Tranquilo CBD infused cigar! This is an interesting cigar to say the least. Let see how the cbd infusion does …


  1. I'm trying one out right now and mine has no sweet tip, and it taste like a good mellow cigar. I think you may have gotten a bad batch or something cause mine has no odor or bad taste like you're having. Plus they sell super fast at my cigar lounge I go to.

  2. Love the review. I think the worst cigar I've had was the te Amo Revolution. It didn't make me gag, but I literally took 2 puffs and put it in the ashtray. I was smoking outside, and the wife stepped outside several minutes later and said "what's that nasty smell" lol. Some times you get a dud I guess. You have a new follower for sure

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