Unbelievable Cannabis News | Cannabis Legalization News for March 2022

Unbelievable Cannabis News | Cannabis Legalization News for March 2022 #Cannabis #news Please be 21+ because this is …


  1. Change your mind, You change the world. Marijuana has to win Christianity is down 35%. Not even a majority anymore the only thing holding them together is money and that's going to run out.

  2. Breaking news don't be a zombie don't drink fluoride kills the body the soul and the mind. You may be dead already,cure, apple cider.
    But not if it's to late.nice knowing you.Your Dead.

  3. I'm starting My First Hemp Grow in Mississippi I'm poor and don't have any funding to get into the new medical industry in Mississippi how can someone like myself find funding to start a medical micro grow in Mississippi 1000sf grow I need funding for a building equipment and the license the only thing I can think to do is build a portfolio of hemp to prove I can grow beyond building a portfolio of hemp what can I do for funding. cannabis is my passion always will be all I've ever wanted to do is grow πŸ€·πŸ‘½πŸ’š

  4. I love Cresco. There product is good. I have OGI and OGC medical marijuana stocks. I bought both of them off of Robin hood. They have both been cheap buys for many many months and I am just waiting for them to take off. It will be epic. I can feel a needed change and good times coming soon for us all. The future looks good πŸ‘Œ, for this wonderful plant πŸͺ΄. Keep up the great work Cannabis Legalization News.

  5. know your dope fiend he will be wearing black to shades to hide his bloodshot eyes he will have stains on his pants from constantly jacking off waiting for his next victim…. name that movie

  6. Is the next law going to be pregnant women can't nurse their children because they have endocannabinols in mother's milk, like cannabis? Anandamide, our natural human THC, is in mother's milk.
    "What about the newborns? And nursing mother's bonding with their newborns!"
    Why can't we have sanity, and nice things? What we need is legalization of homegrown for all vertebrates. That way they can still pass laws against invertebrates.

  7. You hit it right on the head of the nail Tom, Israel is the leader in cannabis research but you did forget to let everyone know that the USA has done extensive research on cannabis but its all been on the negativity of this wonderful plant. If you look for the negative on anything you will find it as if you look at drinking to much highly filtered water it will negatively impact your electrolytes causing all kind of problems in the body and in some cases it can kill you. I'm sure Miggy will attest to that being a navy man. Feed water to the boilers is filtered ultra fine and if you drink this ultra finely filtered water it will cause extreme problems with the human body. So I guess what I'm saying is if you look for the negative on anything you will find it. As I'm sure you've read the information that was found in the Shafer Commission report and hidden from public view during the Nixon administration because of his bios towards cannabis, even though his commission that Nixon put together, and after nearly two years of investigation on the cannabis plant it was brought to his attention to take cannabis off the Schedule list and start doing actual research on this plants possibilities to help the humanity. Well we all know how that ended and over 50 years later this plant is still on the CSA as a schedule one drug but yet drugs like Nicotine and Alcohol that have killed hundreds of thousands of people just in the USA alone but is not even listed on the CSA as a drug that has the potential to cause harm or that it is extremely addictive and become dependent on as classified on the CSA to meet the schedule one requirements but those two items are not even listed. Just food for thought.

  8. Cresco is IMO the worst flower in Ohio's medical program. Ozone is another MSO in Michigan. I think they might be the same company. Flower is equally bad and looks a lot like cresco's

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