Utoya Cherry Diesel Delta 8 & CBD/CBN disposable vape cartridge review! Artisan blend πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

21 & 18 years old only. This is my personal thoughts on Delta 8 THC. It’s legal in all states as it comes from the hemp plant and …


  1. Those disposables are awesome but only if they designed them to be half a gram, I’ve used them a lot they don’t handle a whole gram well sometimes.

  2. Just ran that new utoya entourage flower is potent! 10%8,10%hhc,10%thc-0,cbn,cbg,cbd ,a tiny bowl has me good , seems that the hhc works even better with the other cannabinoids 🀯

  3. What up my bro! Nice intro! That is a good looking cart! I have found UTOYA has some super potent products,but the Terps I hope they can improve on in the future. Other than that they are HARD to beat! Have a great one!✌️

  4. Dope intro bro. I bought a lb of Bubba kush from Elli Hou farms after watching the reviews you and karnage did. It didnt tell me when it would arrive though. Do you know when the package is supposed to arrive using standard shipping? Great review as always and thanks so much for the promo code!πŸ‘

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