Viewer Mail – THANKS!!

We open ‘Viewer Mail’ in this video… WOW!! We have some very generous subscribers! Thank you(!!) to those mentioned in this …


  1. Thanks for the video! I can’t get over how fluffy Toki is. Badge used to be the fluff ball of the pack and now he’s got her beat! They are both beautiful dogs and I can’t wait to see Ulu’s new pups coming up!

  2. Good evening, beautiful Tammy, Chadde, Toki&Honey Badger. My husband and I always really enjoy watching your videos. Thank you for sharing.🤗💕🐺🐺👨👩

  3. really enjoyed the video great job!!!!!!!!

    safe Travels 👣 👣🐾🐾

    ☙ᛞᚼᛉᛣᛉᛣ ❄ ᛣᛉᛣᛉᚼᛞ❧

    have a great Wednesday morning Anpetu Yamni
    Keep up the good work!!!!

    Haw Chadde & Tammy 👍👍🐺🐺


  4. Not the mail call, isn't that the late Sergeant Majors job? But no, super cool, great channel, thanks for sharing your journey, I've learned some really really cool stuff along the way bub🤙

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