"Week in Review, Angelic Encounters & Open Lines" 3/25/22

Ahhh, Friday, and tonight we will follow up on a few stories relevant to this week of work. Lines will be open, jokes will flow, and …


  1. Frank, do you have any idea where Amazing Polly is at lately? She mentions you often in her videos and since she has gone quite, which is not her style I am sure more than I are concerned. Please reply back, Thank you!

  2. Exactly they have been very patient and for the last 5 years when they attacked them non stop over the Russia collusion. I am not ok with personally screwing over their regular citizens for the actions of their government. None of us have any control over what is being done in our names by our government and trying to erase them from existing is wrong. How dare we think we have a right to do this. What happens if the world decides the US doesn't deserve to exist? I agree with that Frank Zell. This is not right what is happening. I also agree Putin is not on board with the nwo. I don't believe China is either.

  3. This War is like all wars it is about Power and Money and the human race around the world are being used as Pawns in the hands of a few Rich Politicians playing war games and the Globe is just the game board they play on. And these people dont give a Dam what happens to the pawns or the game board. These people are paid by our Taxes to work for US not them selves but greed is their driving force.

  4. I won't watch a show or movie unless it has a cross-dressing black Cherokee midget cowboy snake charmer retired from the pow wow emcee selection committee who lives homeless at the border working under the table (pun intended) tagging the talent by laser tatooing their enegram type on their foreheads and dressing the booty as harem queens, lap dancers or drone operators. ©2022

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