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Our goal is to show how easy it is to make your own CBD products from scratch. From how to grow a medicinal hemp plant, …


  1. I am happy to have found this channel. It took me weeks of putting in Hemp Growing & Harvesting in the Search bar to find this. I have not found any other well organized "how to" site that arent a bunch of guys in sunglasses walking around a greenhouse. After watching all of your videos, I discovered your Weed in a Pot series. For all the great information, I will tell you that it doesnt come up easily on word searches. This is such great, detailed info that I would at least change the name of your channel a bit so that the searches may find it easier. Maybe Hemp in a Pot – How to grow Cannabis…not sure but am loving the videos. Wish I had access 6 months ago before we started growing but still going to make them a must watch for all of our staff!

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