What Does Sorcery Look Like Now?

Modern Day Sorcery @Everett Roeth Discover the truth behind religious drug use in modern and ancient societies and what Bible …


  1. I mostly agree. Strong drink (strong wine) the Scripture does say is for the dying (as a painkiller), so Yahuah has made it clear that He has mercy in regard to such situations. As long as we do not become legalistic or lukewarm, but instead realize that there are specific exceptions to almost every general rule found in Scripture that we are advised to live by.

    When in doubt, follow the spirit of the law (the intent behind it) over the letter of the law (legalism). God wants us to be in our right minds, fully functional, able to be used for His will to be done & for Kingdom purposes in re each one of our individual callings.

    Yahuah loves mercy and justice both. Instances such as pain relief to ease passing for the terminally ill in unbearable pain, God has mercy for this & protects those that are His in these end of life scenarios, even though the pain relief is mind altering to some degree, as stated expressly in the strong drink exception. They are not going to be sent to hell for not writhing in agony in pain as they die, filled with fear that if they receive any pain relief, that the spiritual implications means they are going to hell as sorcerers, which is simply not true to anyone (outside of perhaps in the minds of deceived pharisee types).

    In this day & age where there are surgeries (levels of wounds that once would have been mortal wounds), there is grace for those just operated on surgically where Yahuah has mercy even for narcotic level pain relief short term (though such should be ceased immediately if physical addiction is taking hold, which is typically the point where dangerous illegal spiritual entry doors become opened in such cases).

    Here is the spirit of the general rule, Yahuah wants His people to be in their right minds and to be fully functional. Legalism can kill those who should not die. Love mandates speaking the truth to open blind eyes, even when some might initially be offended.

    Instances such as attention deficit disorders are another area where the legalistic anti-Christ pharisee knives tend to appear out of nowhere. There are some who are so legalistic they would rather their child get hit by a car in the midst of sensory overload and lack of attention to surroundings than to simply treat this child with a stimulant, which then puts that child in their right mind, in a state not of overwhelm, but of focus that is close to normal levels for most people. Granted, most children outgrow these brain abnormalities & in the 80's teachers were pushing parents and over diagnosis for figity children went on, but in the case where treatment to put a person in their right mind able to cope is validly needed, legalism in re being opposed to all scripts, or being against all stimulant use in small amounts medicinally across the board out of ignorance, even in re treatment of those who have an idiosyncratic reaction to them, this can be lethal to those left unable to function normally in their right minds.

    Severe seasonal effective allergies, nothing but a stimulant allergy medication dries up flu levels of being affected, flu like fatigue & all that can render some without the ability to function. I have seen someone with chronic fatigue, no known cause, be able to function normally again instead of being too weak and too tired to walk across the office.

    I do not at all agree with recreational uses of cocaine, mariwana, or hallucinogenics. Caffeine and nicotine being called sorcery is legalistic overboard, though nobody would call too many cigars or a dozen cups of coffee addition per day especially healthy. Drinking fluoride chemically loaded neurotoxic water or the sane in soft drinks is something unhealthy most do all the time, though too many have been going overboard calling what is not very healthy destruction of God's temple (our bodies). Beware of the idolatry levels of pharisee based leaven that some health nuts can make out of their own bodies. These are the ones you'll notice trying to police everyone else with witchcraft levels of control that they have no right to do.

    Husbands that have put their wives away & do not even speak to them directly either do not have a right to selectively decide when to assert headship levels of control over a left isolated woman's body when they choose to no longer be present in her life directly, while blocking anyone else from taking someone they do not want. These are very simple issues, for Yahuah does not love cruelty in re medicinal legalism done directly or indirectly.

    For those with seizures that nobody has been able to stop by prayer & fasting, and for those with cancer, I am no expert, but I have heard there is some form of mariwana oil that some natural practitioners use for patients that has the benefits of this used medicinally, without causing the effect of putting someone out of their right mind. Many who believe that all over the counter medicines and prescriptions raise to the level of sorcery have fallen into legalism, or they fear others will claim them a sorcerer headed for hell for medicinal treatments that do not cause any form of hallucinogenic illegal entry into the spiritual realms.

    As with anything, if we stick to the true spiritual intent of these verses in Scripture, to be in our right minds, so that we are able to think and function normally, outside of mortal wound levels of pain exceptions that allow for strong forms of pain relief (for the dying or short term typically), then we won't go too far to the left (into occult practices) or too far to the right (pharisee-ism, which is an anti-Christ spirit masquerading as a false "holy" via legalism, or unholy fear based legalism, that many need deliverance from).

    We would end up in less ditches veering to far to the left or too far to the right if we always kept in mind expressly written examples of exceptions to the general rules in Scripture, looking closely at the spiritual intent that is for our good behind the rules Yahuah provides, rather than the legalistic pharisee based letter of the law approach that kills many who should not die. If you wind up in a ditch, or get thrown into one, if you belong to Jesus such that you are covered by His righteousness, just keep getting back up. The devil can't win against a people who seek the Lord's heart out in every matter, & whenever someone falls into a pharisee legalistic ditch of death to the right, or an occult ditch of death to the left, as long as we silence not truth that might offend & speak the truth of the straight & narrow way & proper understanding of it all that leads to life, the enemy will never be able to win. When we extend one another our hand, & pick one another up or straighten one another out in a way that preserves dignity as needed, we will never stop winning or going from glory to glory.

    I struggle with some unbearable levels of grief & stress, & I quite frankly end up in ditches of despair sometimes as anyone who walked even a minute in my shoes would, but herein is what I do next once I've landed in a ditch. I remember that though the righteous may fall 7 times, each time, they get back up. The secret to running with Yahuah, Yahusha, & the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of Wisdom) is nothing more and nothing less than to not give up even when you at times want to. It's an endurance race. This is why community for believers is needed and why fellowship that is more than just milk 🍼 on Sundays/evangelism for unbelievees that has in many places taken the place of going deeper, throne room worship, & truly praying for one another, such that many don't ever eat the strong meat that might offend some that is avoided at all costs, much less in response to meat, mature in any of the areas the Holy Spirit wants to mature the Body of Christ in. Some are very matured in certain areas, with weaknesses always left to work out in other areas, so the comparison, infighting, & jealousy need to stop. Few can imagine what one cohesive, close knit, interdependent remnant group could accomplish in the natural and in the spiritual. Imagine what thousands of local pockets of true maturing remnant believers could do nationwide & worldwide by finally being willing to move into the deeper things of God. We will not all agree, but if the forerunners were not silenced or stoned, & the rest would at the very least consider that religion may have taught them wrong or failed to teach them so many things, we just might begin to see the floodgates of the greater works decades begin. Shocking things that are sure to offend many are on the way. Thank you Yahuah!!! For indeed, the earth shall be filled with the, will be offensive to many, knowledge of the glory of the Lord. Based on all I see right now surveying the Christianity scene, even those whose biggest worry is practically nothing, I take it some will have to be provoked to jealousy before we will all begin to get along for greater works saturation purposes.

    Liked your sermon. I just filled in a few blanks I'd have added in to your sermon notes had I seen them, rather quickly & uneloquently, & I veered off topic some in need of some attention deficit help I don't at this moment have. Such is life sometimes!!! Be blessed!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Thank you for speaking to me. That stuff just sucks me dry. Time to really grow out of it. Weed, lsd and shrooms. Everything you mentioned. To hell with it.

  3. Are you saying that the massive vaccination , wich actually is a inoculation tested in human beings, is not an evil experimental from the farmacy laboratories , and hence is black magic sorcery? Are you really speaking the truth or just manipulating the word of God to feel safe the media news wont get you into truble?

  4. Kingdom greetings from Pakistan praise the lord that’s Good teaching !

    what about Big meat 🥩 Pork that Peoples are Eating that’s most 🐷 prohibited In Christianity too !

  5. Remember only way to repent and be saved by Christ Acts 11:14-18.luke 11:9-13 , Zeph 3:9/ acts2:4 and John 17: 20-26 Just follow only the original gospel tradition teaching not different churches but Jesus will guide and teach you personally to the end John 10:1-6,11-16, Acts4:12 and 1 John 2:24-25!

  6. This was a tremendously powerful teaching and a great eye-opener! May God bless you so much for allowing Him to speak through you 🙏🏽🙏🏽🔥🔥

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