What Will Recreational Marijuana Legalization Mean for California? Q&A with Lynne Lyman

Is this the beginning of the end for pot prohibition in America? —- See the full text at Reason.com: …


  1. I love the prison and criminal justice reform component of this interview. The war on drugs is such a mess and has hurt our country and our citizens so badly.

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  4. It always seems to pop up, crime rates will go down if it's legal . . . If you make ANY illegal crime legal then crime rates rates will drop. If murder was legal then more murders would happen but it wouldn't be a crime, if child rape was legal then there would be less crimes and so on. Then you have the people that say well that's why we need laws in place to make it legal and protected via age. Lets take something that is already legal as an example: Driving, driving is legal as long as you have the right age, papers, and licence and yet most people that drive do it, or have done it illegally, WHOA! Slow down there you can't say that MOST people do it illegally you can't even prove such a thing! Have you ever got a speeding ticket? Parking violation? Headlight or taillight go out and not noticed? Driven without a seat belt? Or ever drove after drinking or on any medication? Most of those are fines, tickets, or violations. So does making something legal make it right? Why can't we just make a THC free "weed" ? Take away the high and you are left with less people abusing it for a mind altering substance plus you still get the medical use benefits. Then all the junkies can get started on the legalization or meth . . . cuz of um more money revue and um less crime punishments

  5. Remember this is the same type of person that wants to let people out of prison for committing a crime and most likely multiple freaking crimes unlike probation and you're fucked up a whole bunch of times and they wound up in prison she wants to let them go because it was just weed but the same type of person wants to take away your second amendment rights do you think the people that she loves prison are going to give a shit about that think about it Californians get the fuck out of your State while you still can

  6. Having a majority of newer wrong local laws does not Trump the reasonable Federal Law prohibiting cannibas use and sale that pre dates all of them. A true Democracy is the rule of the majority, and is why they always fail in 200 years or less . The majority is usually completly rotten after 8 generations. That is why we were founded purposefully as a Constitutional Republic by our wise fore-fathers, where the rule of law, rules, not the majority of anything. That is how anti human ideologues like Muslims and Communists get their power, by using overwhelming numbers and intimidation/pressure and violence. Civilization is the opposite. It respects the Origin of Divine and human Virtue in existence and wants to side with Morality as being Reality, not the selfishness and foolishness of weak minded, immoral, desperate, drug deluded parasitical fools and their Evil Shepherds. Like I said, we have already fought a Civil War over an issue concerning the right to be wrong. Our Federal law prohibiting the use and sale of cannibas will stand and have precedent until it is overturned by Congress. We do have the power to vote away our Constitution, but until then, the LAW STANDS. Period.

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