Why I like Hartmann Hemp Fiberreed by Millicent Stephenson (Saxophonist)

I have played a range of synthetic reeds to no avail, but the Hartmann Hemp Fiberreed is different! I love the concept of combining …


  1. I did not know about the customisation; thank you, Millicent. I tried, and I am still trying Hemp Fiberreed on a tenor saxophone, using a no baffle, large chamber, fairly open tip (No 9) rubber mouthpiece. It plays well across all registers, intonation-wise it is outstanding and plays remarkably well in tune. I think it is good and has potential. But I think that cane reeds still sound a bit better on slow, large chamber mouthpiece such as mine. Perhaps I can touch up Fiberreed just a little on its wings and soften them, allow to vibrate more in the slow stream of air, and create more nuances ..? My impression is that out of the box, Fiberreeds are well suited for faster (medium and high baffle) mouthpieces.

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