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  1. I’m disappointed in y’all. There are no excuses for Wills behavior. Chris didn’t physically assault her. He told a joke that compared Jada to a strong gorgeous woman who fought her way through training to become the first female in her branch of military, who happens to shave her head in the movie. It was actually a compliment. For Jada to be insulted is her own petty dumbass problem.
    In issues Will and Jada have are their own damn fault and the should not pitied. Jada wanted an open marriage, she used her kids like pimps so she could sleep their son’s vulnerable friend, told the world about plus how she still loves Tupac and told Oprah how Will has sex like a girl. He chose to stay with her and continue to be emasculated. There’s no marriage to defend! They’re horrible people, who not only admit repeatedly how awful they are and how proud they are of their horrible sociopathic behavior!
    Real woman don’t need their man defend to them, because like GI Jane they are strong, intelligent, and definitely know how to defend themselves. Jada is only inconvenienced by her Alopecia, but she isn’t suffering nor is she dying. Besides that the bitch has been bald since Set It Off!

  2. You missed the beginning! Chris said Jada was ready to film GI Jane 2. That’s it!! Have you seen GI Jane with the incredibly hot and bald Demi Moore as a badass soldier? It was a total compliment! And Will laughed until Jada shot him the stink eye.
    Will is carrying around rage due to Jada’s open affair with her son’s friend.
    Many older people get alopecia- it’s bothersome but painless. Most of us Don’t look perfect like Jada and have to buy wigs.

  3. That's not how it went down. The comment will made about her. It was when you know they was talking about boycotting the Oscars cuz they never was getting nominated. And Jada was like she's not coming either. Chris Rock just pointed out that she wasn't invited. And he called her GI jane. Which was a woman that was a badass in the army overcoming a very male chauvinistic military. So she could have took that as a compliment. But I still want to know if you can slap Chris Rock for talking about your wife's bald head. Then why you always slap August for having his head in your wife's mouth

  4. Offended or not, that is straight up assault on national television and witnessed by milllions. What kind of entitlement that he has, to be able to assault another person and then sit back, and gets a standing ovations a few minutes later without any repercussion?

  5. John Leguizamo hit on the nail. "You have to have a sense of humor about yourself, you CAN'T take yourself that seriously'. BRAVO…!!! Now that's a man I've come to find a deeper level of Respect and Admiration for…!!

  6. When you're a Celebrity and in the limelight, expect people to say things you might not like or agree with, however understand you cannot choose to have 'Wealth and Fame' without criticism. You can't take yourself so seriously and 'Feel sorry for yourself'. Having Millions of Dollars and losing your hair is far better than losing a loved one to Cancer, living with a debilitating disease, having a love one murdered, losing a child, men women and children being slaughtered in Ukraine. PLEASE stop feeling sorry for Narcissistic Spoiled Celebrities..!!! AVERAGE PEOPLE have it FAR WORSE..!! There is NO EXCUSE to assault another human being…!!!

  7. Will is a floormat his wife walks all over him. Way to make a fool of yourself for a woman that bangs your sons friends. You're a joke Will. He's just mad cause she's still talking about how much she loves Tupac….Sorry Will you're the runner up.

  8. joke is a joke. you can get offended by joke but you cant just punch a human being cause you dont like what they say. that goes against freedom of speech and saying its ok is promoting violence. not to mention will smith laughed his ass off when he heard the joke so that just makes him piece of shit in my eyes. how can you laugh at a joke and then pretend to defend your wife when you see she doesnt like it. and props to chriss rock for not pressing charges, will smith should be in jail for this. it is physical assault on live TV and he didnt even apologize for acting like an animal on live tv

  9. You can throw a strike that looks like a slap to others, but you connect with the heel of your palm and knock the hell out of them. Looks like that's what Will did.

  10. Chris Rock is an established and respected comedian. Every comic that respects and/or looks up to him is going to be telling jada jokes (good and bad) non-stop, all day, every day for years to come. Will is going to have to wear noise-canceling headphones every minute he is out in public or channel his Ali character every time he leaves the house.

  11. There are children dying in this world and this is what we're talking about a rich movie star whose feelings got hurt! Own it Jaden you're not a victim! My son plays basketball gets trash talked in front of me all the time. You deal with it! There's a time and place for everything it's called the parking lot wil! Chris Rock should have tackled him and knocked his a** out. That would have been more entertaining than the Oscars and half of Will Smith films! I thought will was comedian like Chris. He would have lasted one day with the legendary don rickles. You won't see Will Smith's name on any roasts guest list anytime soon!

  12. Will Smith has serious emotional issues, period.
    That was embarrassing, weak, and he should’ve been kicked out for that.
    Imagine if a white dude got up and slapped Chris Rock?!?!
    Anyone defending this behavior is just as bad a hypocrite as all those Hollyweird people who looked the other way for decades while pigs like Harvey Weinstein (and hundreds of other producers) assaulted actresses.
    You can’t treat people different just because they have influence.
    Will Smith is as privelaged as they come, yet he gets up there talking about being called on by “God”
    Dude, you’re an Actor.
    You got famous from silly rap songs for children and a vapid sitcom.
    God has more to focus on in the Ukraine right now.
    She’s not talking to a guy who pretends to be a genie for a living.
    What an emotional wreck this dude is.
    Everyone should’ve walked out after that childish outburst. Again, because he’s black and a good liberal he got an award 30 minutes after assaulting the host of the Oscars.
    Hollyweird = Hypocrisy
    You think they care about MeToo??
    Wake up

  13. Will just finally popped all the jokes about him and his wife’s entanglement has definitely been getting to him. That interview with Laverne you could see it in their faces but they just laughed it off. I feel bad for Chris he didn’t deserve that and people are saying everybody knew about her alopecia but I didn’t. They are also saying it’s because of his jokes about Jada in 2016 at the Oscars🤷🏽‍♀️

  14. We got it uncensored in Australia because our ears aren't as sensitive as American viewers. He said pretty much 'Don't mention my wife's name out of your fucking mouth!'

  15. The entire smith family is shit. They put their messed up personal life out for everyone. Will looks like a bitch in the fiasco. Now they can’t take a joke or act right in public. No matter how much he bully’s small comedians his wife will still cheat on him!

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