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  1. Is incredible the amount of lands that you have deforested just to grow this hemp in order to satisfy the ego of frivolous and lust people> even though you trying to save water you are not because the extension of land that you deforest in order to grow the hemp spend a lot of water. and on top of that you have cut a lot trees that are the ones that help the land to preserve the water in the earth, so that is the way we have the springs because the trees are the one that preserve the water. So you are not helping nothing to the environment. The lust of people is amazing. Sewers there are thousands of yards of fabric on the stores , so spend them not buy more fabric from manufacturer, recycle the fabrics that we have already in stores. Lets the earth rest and breathe .

  2. Well my quilting mind went straight to all the cotton us quilters use. If I had the money I'd come out with a hemp fabric line for quilters! I also believe hemp has a longer grain that would make for a better thread.

  3. it s an informative video about hemp.The hemp is the best sustainable raw material for our ecosystem.It is the one of the best biodegradable product. If you use more hemp in stead of cotton,you will help to save the water&land and reduce carbon emission.

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