Marijuana and Spirituality | Does weed benefits your spiritual journey?

Marijuana and Spirituality | Does weed benefits your spiritual journey? Is weed good or bad for your spiritual enhancement?


  1. Pros on weed – open minded af . 🥰😎
    You get connected and you feel things deeper

    Cons – foods you eat.. you keep eating, you’ll gain weight .
    I got on a diet pill 🔥and watched what I ate and worked out & meditate

  2. I smoke everyday. Like 20 bongs a day ? And on weekends not so much or even up to 30 joints depending on occasion so I don't really know. Weed has become my reality and I would say I'm doing well in life. So I don't really know but my spiritual journey is doing great, currently doing a lot of shadow work and weed has helped. Sending love, light & positivity. Blessings are coming. Trust your intuition. <3

  3. After watching your video, I wonder…When people experience ‘psychosis’ due to marijuana, and feel as though their perception of the world has changed, it is actually due to them awakening their 3rd eye without them being ready for it. Making them overwork that third eye and being paranoid,m and anxious. Just a theory!

  4. When I started smoking weed on my own, that is when I had this spiritual awakening. It allowed me to focus on my thoughts and they were much more amplified than before! I would have deep thoughts and ideas and I would watch tv shows and have philosophical perspectives regarding certain shows. Even though it had nothing to do with tv, I would relate what was going on to real life and try and make connections. I would keep a “high diary” to document my thoughts so I wouldn’t forget. When I’m around people I get very paranoid when I am high, but alone I feel “woke” in some sense. Right now I am beginning my spiritual journey and I am taking a break from weed to be able to have a clearer mind. Once I am fully awakened I will reintroduce weed into my practice and work with it along my journey!

  5. I agree with how it helps raise your vibrations. I received more messages. Especially when driving i avoided so many road blocks not listening to the GPS. I smoke cause I want to But people perception of it is different . Some say it helps its a herbal medicine and some say its addicting its a drug lol. So I believe it just depends on the person cause everyone has a different belief system which is why everyone not gonna have the same perception . Do what you all feel is right for you. Follow you heart…. listen to self and spirit will speak truth through you.

  6. So will weed keep you at the 4th vibration? Because I've been doing all that I can do to raise my frequency and I really enjoy smoking weed, and I feel like it helps.

  7. I had 1 edible and I had a weird experience, like my spiritual gifts opened up more and I felt a lot of energy. As for smoking natural weed it felt good it was a regular experience. Smoked 3 times in my life and 1 edible.

  8. usually don't see people's auras right away, but yours was visible to me instantly & got stronger thru the video. think the white background helps, truly radiating ✨🥺

  9. Im on my beginning stages of my spiritual journey and I've been pretty lost in life recently, today was one of the most enlightening experiences ever, I literally ate a mango and hit a pipe one time and it peaked open my third eye. Ive been running from my problems so I knew it was gonna be rough, but in the end I put together all of my subconscious anxieties and faced my demons. I was so paranoid for the most of it but I just knew if I held up I would see why I felt that way and I did. Now I know what my purpose in life is at least for now.

  10. I love your video … very real and down to earth … weed has its great benefits on our spiritual paths.

    But to my knowledge each person was born with loaded packages from their parents and ancestors through the law of physical heredity … in fact we all have transcend then in order to free our soul/spirit… and prevent our children from inheriting them!

    Those scary visions mainly happened when a person comes from a back ground with a lot of folklore philosophy… like my self .

    And battling that is not easy …but it’s possible .
    I wish everyone abundance , peace and prosperity and a safe journey to accession !

  11. a few months ago i took a tolerance break from weed, i smoked around october after a while and since i smoked a lot i had an ego death and ever since then ive had panic attacks, anxiety, depression, but it really opened my eyes i feel like im viewing life in the third person

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