"Ministry of Truth, Food Hacks, and More" ft. J Gulinello & Rob 4/28/22

Our returning guests tonight are Nutritionist, J Gulinello, and Rob. A new layer to the information warfare front is being introduced …


  1. I agree with Rob. Ever since I changed my diet. I can’t eat the process food. I’m glad you mentioned the sky. I live in the hill country my entire life. I now clean pools, and I have to drive with the visor down because it’s so cloudy all the time, the sky is so bright

  2. My mom has so many chickens. She lives out in the country I live in the city I would bring them in the city and sell them. I would feed the yolk to my cat. He would not eat the store bought eggs. She’s got a bunch of exotic chickens, different sizes in different colors. Unwashed. She says she feeds them a little bit of paprika during winter in that keep them laying eggs during winter

  3. Just watched infowars rip off your intermission bit lol. I think someone in editing working there watches you. If it's like that, they should atleast have, Alex, or owen on your show…

  4. Hey Frank- I just saw your telegram regarding the Astro forecast – does it happen to be around October 5? That day seems to have a lot of significant events linked to it (historically and to come). Maybe worth looking into… I haven’t had much time to listen to the show but sending my gratitude, love and prayers to you!

  5. Just getting around to listening.

    Thank you, Frank, for every moment of every show. You are a blessing to so many of us souls out in Franklyland.

    Much thanks to your beautiful and encouraging wife, Lauren, and that bundle of joy whom Jesus has blessed y'all with… Aurora.

    You have brought so many of us together, around this nation & earth. Making us smile, chuckle, laugh, and even snarf… as you rant.

    Potificate. Ponder.

    And share your perspective, as these years go by. Like an old friend.

    There, in the Parachute Studio. We, along for the ride. An ecclectic family who met…. miles…. and even countries apart.

    Thank you, from the top & bottom of my heart.

  6. Thank God I have just never been into the seed oils. I do a lot of cooking and I use ghee, avocado oil and coconut oil. They all have the benefit of high smoke points as well.

  7. WTH Frank?? I'm from up your way ~ been in Atl for quite some time now, where most consumables are far less expensive ~ we can't get out of the grocery store under $50!!

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