MY FIRST TIME: Trying CBD Oil For MY Stutter

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  1. Hey. Just wanted to say you're awesome for getting on camera and chatting freely. I have stuttered all my life. It really gets me down. I have an online course tomorrow and I'm freaking out, because I know I have to talk. Infront of people. What I hate most is that I really struggle to introduce myself. I HATE SAYING MY NAME.

  2. Hi new to your channel and subbed just wondering if you get your CBD extracted from the bud or the leaf it works better from the bud imo 🙂👍💜 btw you should vape CBD it works quicker than the drops

  3. Thank you for posting this! I have a stutter and for people who don’t stutter, they just don’t get it. Glad to see I’m not so alone in this world.

  4. I own a cbd store that I operate in Florida. It’s amazing to see that just from the tincture, your stuttering/nervous tics seem to be compressed. My one recommendation to you is to take the oil as a regiment (meaning half ML of your oil in the morning, and then another half before bed) also trying pairing it with cbd gummy’s. I recommend to all my clients who are on the oil to use the gummy’s in the middle of the day as an additional boost. Try that and let me know how it goes!

  5. I had a stutter like that and while I was in prison I ran across some literature that helped me get over the stutter. The book is called the Metu Neter vol. 1 and 2 and it's honestly African history and information about the laws of the land that we've never been taught as decendants from Africa. You should look into it and learn the powers of meditation as well different laws that govern our being and I guarantee you if you apply yourself and get the full understanding of what you read and put it to practice you'll get over your problem in weeks

  6. sound out the word in your head before you speak. or say the word 3 times in your head before u say it. i have a stutter like yours and it kinda helps me

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