Purple Majic Strain Description

Purple Majic grown by Chris Eoff in Colorado


As a cannabis enthusiast, you must know that there is always the perfect strain for every occasion. Well, the PurplePurple Majic grown by Chris Eoff in Colorado Majic or Purple Magic hybrid is an excellent pick for when you want to experience the best of both worlds (cerebral stimulation and physical relaxation) while remaining productive. The strain will help you kick back after a long, rough day. Purple Majic provides an all-around smoke, which explains its ever-growing popularity. 

This is an aesthetic hybrid with vibrant buds that give it some serious bag appeal. Purple Majic has multiple applications as a recreational and medical choice. While it provides a chilled-out experience, this strain has been known to help with a myriad of conditions, ranging from pain to depression. For growers, the Purple Majic strain provides an accelerated growth rate, impressive yields, and moderate difficulty in growing. Read on to find out more exceptional qualities that this rare Purple Majic cannabis strain offers. 


Purple Majic marijuana strain Purple Majic results from a cross between Heirloom Purple and the delicious Mandarin Sunset. This almost balanced hybrid (60% Indica and 40% Sativa) delivers a powerful punch with high THC levels, ranging from 20% to 25%. The strain has an impressive cannabinoid profile that gives its unique qualities. Tests conducted have indicated CBD and CBG levels as 2% and 3%, respectively. This gives Purple Majic unique characteristics, including the ability to provide consumers with the entourage effect

Appearance, aroma, and flavor

Purple Majic seeds grow into a plant of above-average height. The nugs are medium-large and take on a spade-like shape. The buds are characterized by dark olive hues with deep purple hints. This top-shelf strain’s visual appeal is further accentuated by fiery orange hairs and a thick, frosty trichome layer. Due to its elevated trichome production, the buds become sticky. It is advisable to use a pair of scissors or a grinder to break the buds apart. 

When it comes to the terpene profile, Purple Majic is the strain that does not disappoint. This hybrid has a prominent sweet candy aroma that fills the room as soon as the buds are broken apart. This is coupled with blueberry muffin and diesel-like notes that linger long after the toking session. Purple Majic’s flavor is similar to its aroma but has some noticeable grape hints. This is hands down, one of the terpiest strains I’ve ever grown. 

Experiencing the Purple Majic Strain

Experiencing purple majic strainWith Purple Majic, consumers begin experiencing the effects almost instantly after the first or second toke of this blueberry muffin tasting goddess. The cerebral buzz presents first and is characterized by euphoria, spiked energy levels, motivation, and general positive vibes. During this time, the creative juices are released and one finds it a breeze completing that pending project. You may experience involuntary giggles along the way.

After some time, the body-stone kicks in. However, instead of a sedating high that causes couch lock, one is treated to full-body relaxation. The tension, aches, and fatigue fade away, leaving behind a more relaxed, calm, and peaceful individual. The effects last between 4 to 8 hours depending on the dose taken and prior cannabis consumption experience.

Therapeutic benefits

Therapeutic benefits of purple majicPurple Majic is a popular choice for many medical cannabis patients. The strain’s ability to improve moods and foster positivity places it as an excellent pick for patients with mood disorders, stress, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Its muscle relaxing properties help individuals facing chronic fatigue and Muscle Spasm. Its potent pain-relieving capability helps individuals with mild to chronic pain. Additionally, Purple Majic helps with appetite-related issues resulting from harsh treatments, such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy. 

Growing the Purple Majic strain

Growing Purple Majic StrainAlthough growing this strain is not complicated, cultivators need to have intermediate experience to produce impressive yields. This is because the plants tend to grow very bushy, hence requiring regular pruning. Additionally, Purple Majic is known to do well with training techniques, such as super cropping and ScrOG.

Purple Majic can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. The plants do well in any grow medium (soil, soilless, and hydroponics) and thrive in a warm and humid environment. As mentioned before, this hybrid is a fast grower and tends to complete the flowering phase in 7 to 8 weeks. Purple Majic produces 500 to 600 grams/m² indoors and 800 to 1000 grams/plant outdoors. 

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