THC and Alcohol Withdrawal: Does it Help?

thc for Alcohol withdrawal

Alcohol withdrawal can be a very challenging and potentially dangerous process. People can have anything from minor symptoms, such as anxiety, headaches, and trembling, to major symptoms, including a racing pulse, hallucinations, and fever. Even death is conceivable in severe circumstances. Some people consume marijuana during detox to manage these symptoms. There’s some logic in this because marijuana has been shown to reduce anxiety and pain in some individuals.

This leads to the question of whether one of the emerging cannabis cannabinoids, Delta-8, may be used to manage alcohol withdrawal symptoms. In this article, we will answer this question. 

What is Delta-8 THC? 

In addition to CBD gummies, creams, and oils, you may have seen what is called delta-8 THC in pharmacies and convenience stores over the past few years. This ingredient of marijuana that gives users their high, delta-8 THC, is a hemp-derived substance that is closely associated with Delta-9 THC, also known as THC. THC is the psychedelic element of cannabis.

Can delta 8 aide in alcohol withdrawal

Delta-8 THC is a chemical analog, or isomer, of THC. Delta-8 THC, unlike THC, has a lower attraction to the CB1 receptor of the brain due to the difference in the location of a double bond.

Does Delta-8THC really help with managing alcohol withdrawal? 

It can be enticing to use delta-8 lean instead of alcohol for those who want to cut back on their consumption or stop it altogether. It is said to have the same effects as regular THC and is more widely available in many states. But is that a smart move? Can it aid in the treatment of alcohol abuse or withdrawal symptoms? 

Can Delta-8 aid in reducing alcohol consumption? 

As of now, there isn’t enough evidence to say definitively whether marijuana can help people drink less alcohol. Even less information is available regarding the consumption of alcohol and Delta-8 THC. Given this, it is currently impossible to say whether delta-8 THC can aid someone in reducing their drinking.

What effect does it have on alcohol withdrawal? 

How weed helps with alcohol withdrawal

Again, delta-8 is an underexplored substance. There just isn’t adequate evidence to suggest that delta-8 THC or any other marijuana product can help with alcohol withdrawal.
Considering the information we presently have, we are unable to recommend Delta-8 THC for helping address alcohol withdrawal symptoms. In particular, Delta-8 may not be effective in dealing with alcohol cravings. It would be more useful to learn more about evidence-based anti-craving treatments that can help you quit.

Delta-8, on the other hand, may be used in conjunction with other methods to help manage the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. As a CB1 agonist, this cannabinoid may also provide pain relief, given that pain is one of the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Delta-8 THC might also provide body-wide relief by interacting with the endocannabinoid system and circulating through the bloodstream. Researchers studied the impact of Delta-8 THC on rodents with corneal injury issues in 2018, hoping to discover its analgesic potential. The researchers discovered that delta-8 THC was an effectual analgesic that lowered eye pain, confirming its prospect as a pain reliever.

Take away on Delta-8 THC and alcohol withdrawal

While you may be tempted to utilize Delta-8 THC to decrease alcohol cravings, there isn’t sufficient research to back it up. However, you can use it in conjunction with scientifically proven methods to treat symptoms such as headaches. Buying high-quality Delta-8 from a reputable retailer guarantees your safety while using it.