Vanilla Crème Pie Strain Description

Vanilla Cream Pie Strain


Top-tier bag appeal. Impressive terpene profile. Resilience. Smooth psychoactive experience. Multiple therapeutic benefits. These are the top words/phrases that describe this masterpiece from the Humboldt seeds company. The seed company discovered Vanilla Crème Pie recently (2019) during its yearly massive phenotype hunt. The strain was picked among hundreds of other phenos thanks to its outstanding features. 

Since 2019, Vanilla Crème Pie has won the hearts of many cannabis enthusiasts and has gradually become the go-to choice for recreational and therapeutic purposes. This strain is a solid addition to any grower as it is relatively easy to cultivate and produces a bountiful yield. Below is all the information you need to know about this aesthetic goddess. 


Vanilla Crème Pie is an Indica dominant strain resulting from a cross between Emerald Fire and Ghost of Von Humboldt OG. This breeding effort led to the creation of a strain with impressive THC levels that range between 23% and 25%. Although the CBD levels are very low, Vanilla Crème Pie is a top pick for medical cannabis patients. This is because its compound composition comprises a unique combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that work in tandem to promote the human endocannabinoid system’s homeostasis function. 

Appearance, aroma, and flavor

The Vanilla Crème Pie seeds grow into a short, sturdy, and dense plant with multiple bud sites. The nugs are big, oval-shaped, and dense. They are characterized by olive green leaves with purple shades, fiery orange pistils, and a thick trichome layer. While looking at Vanilla Crème Pie, you will notice a dominating orange-gold hue and some green and purple shades. 

As the name suggests, the Vanilla Crème Pie produces a prominent vanilla scent with subtle but noticeable gasoline and spice hints. The flavor can be described as creamy, vanilla, and Diesel-like, with a long-lasting peppery aftertaste. The dominant terpenes include Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Humulene. 

Experiencing the Vanilla Crème Pie strain

Although Vanilla Crème Pie is Indica dominant, the stimulating Sativa effects shine through during the first few minutes of the psychoactive experience. The effects present within the first few tokes and are characterized by a smooth cerebral buzz that causes euphoria, improved moods, motivation, and a creativity boost. 

This buzz continues until the body-stone takes over. Consumers experience a tingly sensation that is first felt on the tip of the head before it travels down to the toes, leaving behind a deep feeling of relaxation, calm, and peace. All the aches, fatigue, and tension disappears. As the effects reach peak, the limbs become heavy, and the couch becomes irresistible. Eventually, sleep takes over, and one finds themselves in deep slumber. 

Therapeutic benefits

Vanilla Crème Pie is a potent analgesic agent capable of combating mild to chronic pain. The strain relieves body tension and fatigue, making it an excellent pick for consumers who have had a long, tiresome day or week. Its muscle-relaxing properties help with muscle spasms, while its sleep-inducing capability allows consumers with sleep disorders like insomnia to enjoy a restful night of sleep. Vanilla Crème Pie is known to cause hunger (the munchies), thus can be beneficial to patients with eating disorders or those undergoing treatments that cause loss of appetite (chemotherapy and radiotherapy). 

Growing Vanilla Crème Pie

The Vanilla Crème Pie seeds grow into vigorous plants characterized by apical dominance and moderate lateral growth. This makes it an excellent candidate for training techniques, such as mainlining, topping, or fimming. The plants thrive in an outdoor or greenhouse set-up and prefer a warm and less humid environment. Since the buds are dense, cultivators are advised to keep an eye out for bud rot by providing optimum growing conditions (temperatures and humidity) throughout the growth stages. 

Vanilla Crème Pie may require additional nutrients during the vegetative and flowering stages. Study the plants to ensure you are neither under nor overfeeding them. The strain flowers for 9 weeks and produces above-average yields.